Ferrari News

Many people cannot think of Formula 1 without thinking about Ferrari. The Prancing Horse, once only a fantasy of company founder Enzo Ferrari, is now one of the most recognizable and successful trademarks in the world since it is the only team to have raced in every season of the world championship. Success came quickly through drivers like Alberto Ascari and John Surtees, and it continued despite leaner times with Niki Lauda in the 1970s and Michael Schumacher in the 2000s, when Ferrari claimed a then unprecedented five consecutive title doubles, solidifying their position as the most successful and decorated team in F1 history.


There is still no indication that they will mount a championship campaign, but their year-over-year progress has been so impressive that they have moved up to third place overall, ahead of McLaren, with more than twice as many points as they had in 2020. Charles Leclerc’s teammate and newcomer Carlos Sainz finished second overall, although Sainz topped the podium four times to Leclerc’s one.


Fail to win a race, finish in the top three just three times, and drop to sixth in the standings for the poorest season performance in 40 years. Early in the season, the team informs Sebastian Vettel that his contract will not be extended for 2021. Meanwhile, Charles Leclerc scores 98 of the team’s 131 points.


Despite being preseason favorites and often having the fastest vehicle, they do not win a race until the Belgian GP in August, continuing a trend from the previous two years. Charles Leclerc, the team’s rookie driver, has outscored Sebastian Vettel, their senior teammate and four-time world champion, two to one in their heated (and often costly) rivalry.