Alpine News

Although Alpine is a newer brand in F1, Renault’s legendary sportscar division has a rich history in racing. Renault’s return to Formula One racing began in earnest with the 2016 acquisition of the then-Lotus team, and will continue with the 2021 rebranding. Since they have already won races in their new form, they should aim for consistent podium finishes and a shot at the championship.


Esteban Ocon wins the Hungarian Grand Prix to give Alpine its first F1 victory, with Fernando Alonso’s help in holding off a charging Lewis Hamilton; Alonso later takes third place in Qatar.


The team’s three podium results in 2021, the first since Renault’s works return, bode well for the rebranding of Alpine and the return of Fernando Alonso.


Despite Daniel Ricciardo earning his best performance to date with P4 in Italy, their ascent up the championship order is stopped, ironically by new Renault customers McLaren, who demote them to fifth in the standings.