Valtteri Bottas News

He was bred to be a Grand Prix racer, having learned his trade on the icy roads of Finland.

After all, as Bottas points out, if you can navigate the icy roads of his native Finland, you can navigate them everywhere. There’s also the fact that he’s Finnish: quiet, hardworking, and unruffled by the chaos of F1.

Once Bottas made his Formula One debut with Williams in 2013, he was welcomed into the fold. The consistent driver continued to rack up points and podium finishes, eventually becoming the driver with the highest points despite never having taken the checkered flag. Given his consistent point-scoring, the Mercedes team quickly moved the Finn to the empty championship-winning seat left by Nico Rosberg.

Bottas developed in 2017 with the Silver Arrows, unleashing his speed to earn many pole positions and wins for himself and help Lewis Hamilton and the Mercedes team win the Formula One world championship. In fact, he shared the podium with Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel a total of 13 times.

It gave the timid person a much-needed confidence boost and a fresh air of swagger, although in a very subdued Finnish way. As Bottas said, 2018 was his worst year in F1, with zero victories versus Hamilton’s eleven. This, however, was more of a reflection of his brilliant teammate than of his own flaws.

Bottas improved his performance in 2019, clinching a second-place finish in the championship behind Hamilton thanks to his four victories. However, in 2020, he only won two races to his teammate’s eleven, and in 2021, he won only one race, leading Mercedes to release him after five seasons.

In 2022, he will begin a new chapter in his Formula One career when he replaces Kimi Raikkonen as the head of Alfa Romeo’s brand-new lineup and is tasked with mentoring Chinese rookie Zhou Guanyu.