Mick Schumacher News

There have been many sons of great F1 drivers, and two have even followed in their fathers’ footsteps to become world champions, but considering Michael Schumacher’s amazing career, Mick Schumacher must feel an added burden of expectation.

The Ferrari Driver Academy’s Schumacher Junior joined Haas for the 2021 season after winning the F2 title in 2020. This followed his 2018 F3 title win, so no one could accuse him of being given preferential treatment due of his family name.

His brilliance got him this far, and he continued to shine as he adapted to Formula One through a challenging rookie season, easily dominating his teammate in inferior equipment.

For Schumacher to follow in his father’s footsteps and get a racing seat with the Scuderia, he will need to continue to perform at a high level.