Lewis Hamilton News

Lewis Hamilton has the words “Still I Rise” tattooed on the back of his helmet and across both shoulders. Since shattering expectations with one of the greatest rookie performances in Formula One history in 2007, Hamilton has done nothing but rise to the top of various F1 statistics, including the all-time pole positions list, the all-time wins list, and the all-time podium finishes list.

Does he have what it takes to be called the greatest of all time? Few would dispute his inclusion in the discussion, and he arrived to this point in his own unique fashion, combining unrelenting speed with an unwavering defiance of preconceived notions of how a racing driver ought to think, look, or act.

In the highly competitive world of Formula One, respect is something that must be earned, and Hamilton, or more accurately Sir Lewis Hamilton, has won the respect of every driver. Why? Simply put, when his visor goes down and the lights go down, race fans know it’s Hammertime regardless of the track, weather, or circumstances.