Lando Norris News

Although Lando Norris wasn’t named after the renegade pilot from “Star Wars,” “Lando Calrissian,” (his mother just liked the name), he has enough of the swashbuckling pilot’s style and tenacity to make up for it.

The British youngster had been on McLaren’s books for two years before being thrust into the F1 star system in 2019. Norris, a young driver who lit up the track with his fondness for pole positions and wheel-to-wheel battles, did not disappoint.

Even though he was paired with the highly regarded and far more experienced Carlos Sainz, he had a successful debut season, winning their head-to-head qualifying fight, collecting points on 11 occasions, and just missing out on a top 10 championship place. In 2020, the genial Brit repeated the process, finishing ninth overall after earning his first podium finish.

In 2021, he maintained his meteoric climb, finishing on the podium four more times and coming close to a race victory while dominating his more seasoned teammate Daniel Ricciardo.

Norris is an explosive talent on the track, but he also has a humble charm and an artistic side that allows him to create and paint his own race gear as a pastime when he’s not racing. McLaren hopes that the potential of its young workforce may lead it back to the top of its field.

When Norris needs downforce, he tries to find it.