Kevin Magnussen News

Magnussen has returned to Formula One for the sole purpose of competing.

Even though Magnussen is following in his father Jan’s footsteps as an F1 driver, the ‘golden period’ of Grand Prix racing, when drivers like Juan Manuel Fangio and Stirling Moss put their lives on the line for their passion, is what he looks up to most.

The Roskilde driver proved his own capability on his debut for McLaren, who had nurtured him through the junior ranks, when he sailed into the top three in the 2014 Australian Grand Prix, making history as the first Dane to finish on the podium in Formula One.

Other champagne moments have been harder to come by since he departed McLaren for a season with Renault before settling down for four amid kindred spirits at Haas. After spending a year in the United States competing in IndyCar and sports car races, he has returned to the US squad.

The fact that his meaty moves and elbows-out attitude have garnered him a bad-boy image on the track continues to confound him. When Magnussen gets out of the automobile, he relaxes and becomes friendly. Since he already has his ideal career, his only purpose in coming to this event is to compete.