Fernando Alonso News

For most of the early 2000s, Michael Schumacher dominated Formula One. He won races and titles at an unprecedented pace. That Fernando Alonso was the one to dethrone the Ferrari icon from his perch says all you need to know about the Spaniard.

Alonso is a fierce competitor who is not afraid to brag about his abilities. He rates himself as 9/10 “in everything,” and few experts would disagree with that assessment. His F1 performances have been marked by lightning-fast speeds, brilliant tactical thinking, exemplary race craft, a razor-sharp eye for detail, and an unwavering determination to win.

When he was with the Renault team, he set a slew of records, including becoming the youngest driver to ever take pole position, win a Grand Prix, become world champion, and win the title twice. Despite stints at McLaren and Ferrari, Alonso was unable to replicate his incredible early career performance and win any more championships after moving to both teams.

Yet in 2021, with two Le Mans victories under his belt, Alonso returned to Formula One racing with Alpine after a two-year absence. And with F1, he still has some unfinished business.