Daniel RIcciardo News

Self-proclaimed “Honey Badger” is cuddly on the exterior but fierce on the inside. In spite of Ricciardo’s affable demeanor and broad smile, his fellow drivers should be wary.

The Australian has incredible racing craft and can also go full throttle. Ricciardo is a proven race winner who, with the correct equipment, can routinely finish towards the business end of the championship table.

Ricciardo, a frequent podium finisher during his time with Red Bull, has sprayed the globe with a splash of Australian culture — the ‘Shoey’ — by drinking champagne out of a drenched racing boot. It’s silly, but that’s his characteristic celebration, and it shows why people appreciate his sense of humor so much.

New difficulties awaited the Perth pilot in 2019, when he joined Renault’s works squad, but his bid to become Australia’s third consecutive world champion after Jack Brabham and Alan Jones ultimately came up short, and he has since moved on to McLaren for 2021.

In Lando Norris, a difficult young teammate, he has found a means to go back on the winning track. Ricciardo will maintain his cheerful demeanor whatever of the outcome.