Alexander Albon News

Alexander Albon, who was born in London but races for Thailand, spoke Italian before he spoke any other language. Despite getting his first major F1 break with another Italian team, that term was Ferrari.

Albon, who looked up to Michael Schumacher and hoped to make it to F1 someday, lost the 2016 GP3 championship to a certain Charles Leclerc. He subsequently left his close buddy George Russell at the track while he fought for the Formula 2 championship in 2018.

In 2019, Albon joined another of his contemporaries, Lando Norris, in making the jump to F1. After starting the year with Toro Rosso, Albon spoke for himself and was promoted to Red Bull Racing midway through the season.

Albon, a sleek overtaker with a championship attitude, was unaffected by teaming up with Max Verstappen in the second half of his rookie season, finishing in the top six in eight of the nine races he participated in with Red Bull in 2019.

In 2020, it became more difficult for Red Bull to maintain contact with the eventual winner, thus they removed him from their racing lineup. Albon was crucially kept on as a test and reserve driver, keeping him on the minds of team officials until his eventual return to the grid with Williams in 2022.

The Thai driver is known for being easygoing and friendly, with a mischievous smile, making him popular among his competitors. This is no small feat in the fiery world of racing, though, and popularity isn’t a guarantee of success in Formula 1. The pressure is on Albon to make the most of a second chance in Formula One.